Sunday, August 31, 2014

poem to my death

oh, yes, have you come?
what good you’re not late
let me touch your clothes
the mine, let I give you them

wear me with your mantle now
hold me for all my life
this world within or out
makes me hurts and cries

this conscientious I have
i do so many bizarre things
makes the pain hurts my head
and we die as we’re living

so, come, darkness
once for all blind my eyes
my soul is a tempestive mess
that blows for my dying

come, darkness
put my face on the ground
take me to the destiny’s rest
which for all is here around

you seeing my laughter

you seeing my laughter
don’t see
in the shade of my eyes
the thorns


don’t see
when i touch the dark
and the cold soaks
my soul

you seeing my bright
don’t see
my insanity inside
my emptiness

you just see my laughter and delight
my light and some surprise

but what is worse
the falling down of afterglows
the ruminating on the heart
the biting me on my bones, at night, when inside I don’t sleep

the silence i show me to you with
you don’t see

you see my laughter and my smile and just
and ‘cause it you cannot judge me!

andré boniatti

Monday, August 4, 2014

Future citizen's poem

(Free translation of the poem "Poema do futuro cidadão", by José Craveirinha)

I"ve come from anywhere
from a Nation that’s still not alive.
I"ve come and I’m here!

I wasn’t born just me
nor you nor other…
but brother.
I have mountains of love to give.
Love from what I am
and nothing more.

I have in my heart
screams that are not just mine
‘cause I"ve come from a Country that’s still not alive.

Oh! I have my Love to everybody to give
from what I am.
Any man
citizen from a Nation that’s still not alive.