Tuesday, October 9, 2012

it's yours

i reserve t'you this blank.
even it has no

- i reserve it t'you since my latter days.

into our heart

there is a song, but it's still far away from our tongue...
this is still buried into our heart!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

     by andré boniatti

who eyes are they on the mirror?,
am i who's seeing they really     or are they someone who's seeing me from me?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

my heart
     by andré boniatti

my heart
is light and dark

darkness darkness darkness dark
doorjamb beaten
unbeaten in it
'n' off it knob
     that circles
     that circles
key door
     that circles

my heart

     that circles
the world

the kiss
     by andré boniatti

my lips kiss your lips
and from our lips is drawn a third mouth,
that softly mingle with our bodies.

immune to any results,
we're used to call it
notwithstanding it's fed with our desire.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

the spirit
      by andré boniatti

don't know what things you hide
under your hair     maybe i not wanna know
your soul is behind your clothes
not within your hat

Sunday, January 29, 2012

confused loving ballad
     by andré boniatti

i love you somuch
loving not you
that i, loving
i don't want you

neither dream of you
when i think of you
under coldness
on my pillow

and like this, lonely

i love you somuch
loving not you
that i sleep
there into your arms

blue flowers poetry
     by andré boniatti

i don't know what flowers
(which are dying tomorrow)
they put on the sidewalk

i don't know what lilies

(that were not lilies!).

i don't know what grin, - that were from parget, 

from ice,


i don't know if rotten

that were
     or were broken.

but hurted - my brain and my eyes 'bout these flowers,

(i don't know what flowers!),

in plaster,

almost to sleep.

Friday, January 13, 2012

     by andré boniatti

for me, it's so common the existing differences
that I never value things according to their differences,
but according to their equalities.

     by andré boniatti

your neighbor isn’t more than your brother.
that one for whom
you die
   and who you pardon.  understand:
     your life isn’t more than
the day you pass white,
or understanding
   something new,
or loving.
     something on the beach
     or living our lives on the wind
or watching a movie,
your life
isn’t more than the

   that anybody won’t know to play.


     understand: as your neighbor, someday, finally,
will (he too) now understand.

Monday, January 9, 2012

don’t bother me please
          by andré boniatti

i wouldn’t judge anybody.
the people are good and bad,
are sad and happy,
but I don’t know ‘bout their reasons.

sometimes i’m bad too.
but between the badness and the goodness
there is always the reality,
and sometimes it is cruel,
and sometimes it’s

i judging a man deaf ‘cause he doesn't have ears
as if i was judging the surface without knowing the depth.
if i had any truth, if i was christian mussulman
i would judge some mistake in the other ones,
i would want to save their souls or lose them…

but i have no religion or moral,
neither political thoughts,
i like to be alienated and love the other ones as they are,
with the past they tell me and the thoughts they’re used to live with,

if i admit any pray
it’s we could give our hands.
‘cause the hands can build or
can ruin,

but if hand in hand we’re hugged
we will always to entwine,

like a daisy chain as could say our common imagination.

judging somebody ‘cause he or she is different of us
it was like we could judge the water bad ‘cause it’s not fire,
the wind good ‘cause it’s not earth.

but the wind ups the dust,
but the fire's extinguished by the water.

i don’t judge neither a killer.
i don’t know ‘bout his reasons.

i don’t judge either me.
i don’t know who i am,
what i’ll do tomorrow.

god could judge me,
but god, when he said: "let there be",
he didn’t judge that were bad his creation,
and could i be the one to say that is good or bad what
god created?

i not.
i prefer loving it.

each one is just oneself.
and everybody is a little crazy.
so you can judge as you’re used to,
but ‘bout me:
don’t bother me please!